Letter to our Membership

To Our BDT Membership,

During this surreal time, our thoughts and sincere wishes for your wellbeing are with you and your families. We are approaching almost a month of virtual dance classes and 6 weeks of social distancing, so we wanted to share some information and updates with you about our studio.

First and foremost, an enormous thank you to the nearly 40 people who attended our first virtual Membership Zoom Meeting on April 21. If you were unable to make it, the recording is below this letter for your viewing pleasure. We appreciated your questions, feedback, and most importantly, your overwhelming support as we all discover how to navigate these times. The Board of Directors and Co-Directors met virtually on Thursday, April 23 to further discuss and vote on the topics we reviewed with the membership.. Below is a recap

  • The June 2020 recital will be rescheduled for January 2021 Every day we are faced with new decisions about how we will move forward. The most recent and difficult decision was to cancel our annual performance in June. Sadly, there is no concrete answer to when we will be back in the studios, so we feel it’s best to focus our energy and resources on continuing virtual classes and supporting our students. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post our class schedules each week. Our decision to postpone our show to January of 2021 is in consideration of our current seniors who will be on college break and able to participate. We have seven wonderful, dedicated members of the senior class who have worked hard to get to this stage in their dance careers. We want them to know they are in our hearts and in the forefront of our planning. We are also concerned about all 230 of our dancers who have been working hard over these past few months. We know how much this end-of-year show means to them. Although we are unable to hold a typical recital in June, rest assured, the winter show will be a wonderful experience! We forsee this show resembling a performance between our usual Winter Showcase and the end of the year production, with ALL performing classes involved.

  • Costumes purchased for June 2020 will be used, to the best of our ability, for the January 2021 show. We will spend the months of September through early January finishing up our pieces that we started for our “20 Questions” recital. Classes will remain as similar as possible in order to use the same costumes and themes. We will give more detail on your child’s class placement closer to registration time assuming we can begin class again in September. Although we cannot return the costumes that become too small for a refund, we can exchange them for a different size. We have been informed by the costume companies that they will do their very best in working with us to get exchanges, or order new costumes entirely at no additional cost to our dancers. Please note, we can also alter costumes in-house if necessary.

  • Families who cannot participate in the January 2021 show who have purchased costumes should please contact the office to discuss options for credit.

  • Financial State of BDT Thank you to all who contributed to our April Fundraiser in lieu of tuition. We raised $2700 in donations to help defray our expenses, which is great and all thanks to you! Sustaining our organization financially has been a priority for us. Applications for grants are being submitted and all efforts that can be made at this time for securing funding are underway. We want to keep BDT going so we can be here for our community now and in the future! It is also important to us that we are continuing to compensate our instructors fairly for their efforts in keeping classes running online. Our goal in this process has been to keep as many of our students moving and creating as possible, to provide opportunities for students to continue to express themselves and to assure that connections to others are maintained even if not in the traditional way. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to all of our dedicated teaching staff while we reimagine our curriculum and implementation of these classes.

  • Virtual classes will continue May-July at a half tuition rate. Your account will automatically be charged for the classes your dancers were taking prior to moving online. We have encouraged more of our faculty to add in their classes so we can cover the majority of our schedule moving forward. If your student would like to attend any additional classes, please email Miss Becky to ensure they receive the link and so we can charge your account accordingly. If your student is not continuing with a class (or is not taking any online classes), it is important that you contact us so we can delete your fees.

  • Children's Programming

  • 1 class a week $19.50/month

  • 2 class a week $37.50/month

  • 3 class a week $56/month

  • 4 class a week $72.50/month

  • 5+ class a week $80/month

  • I-V Programming

  • 1 class a week $24.50/month

  • 2 class a week $45/month

  • 3 classes a week $65/month

  • 4 class a week $80/month

  • 5+ classes a week $92/month

  • Families who have paid in advance for April/May/June will receive credit toward virtual classes this spring/summer. Credits can also be used in the fall or converted into tax-deductible donations. Families who are unable to use future credits or who would like to make a donation should contact the office.

In closing, we’d like to thank our faculty and students for embracing online classes to the best of their ability. We are offering approximately 80% of our classes virtually, and pushing to offer more as we move forward! While this format can never take the place of being in a room together, virtual classes can help to keep our dancers strengthening, stretching, and moving. BDT will continue to thrive in these uncertain times because of the support our teachers, students, parents and family members give to each other. This is a chance to discover inspiration in places we never have before with still so much to be grateful for.

Please let us know how we can best support you moving forward. Keep on dancing!

BDT Board of Directors and Co-Directors

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