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Berkshire Dance Theatre (BDT) is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of dance and other performing arts. BDT provides beginning, intermediate and advanced students the opportunity to improve their technical and artistic skills in dance and related arts, and fosters public awareness and interest in dance and other performing activities. BDT's experienced instructors not only teach dance; they also offer our students the opportunity to put on public performances throughout the year.

Berkshire Dance Theatre prides itself on teaching the art of dance, not the sport of dance. Our curriculum is technically based, with its foundation in ballet. As students progress through their studies, they master the concepts and techniques and advance based not on age but ability and willingness to work hard to excel.  

Berkshire Dance Theatre has a long tradition in the county, having been first incorporated as a a non-profit organization in 1982. Since then, the school has gone through several stages during which its different managements have sought the most viable model to maintain the vitality and artistic and fiscal integrity of the school. The model BDT has arrived at encourages the active engagement of a Board of Directors, and the executive body of the Theatre has invested ever greater efforts in seeking sponsors, donors, and grant opportunities in order to sustain the high quality of its programs. Throughout the history of the school, the one constant has been the commitment to high quality and professionalism in dance instruction and a fun and rewarding experience for its students.


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