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Foundational Classes for Young Children

Our classes for children ages 3-7 provide a strong foundation for future work in dance. They teach appropriate classroom behavior, while helping students gain self-confidence, independence and a basic knowledge of dance movement.

Dance Introduction

Designed for: new students ages 3 & 4
Class length: 45 minutes
Class description: For many children, this is his or her first introduction to a teacher/student relationship. In Dance Introduction, our youngest students learn basic movement skills while enjoying songs and games. Musical instruments, tumbling mats, and a variety of props and costumes are used to help reinforce these skills. More importantly, students learn how to be in a class, how to work in a group, wait their turn, listen to directions, share with others, etc. In this class, we give children the freedom to develop these skills according to their individual readiness, while they are encouraged to participate in class activities. Requirements: Students must be toilet-trained to participate in class.
Examples of activities: pointe/flex the feet, stretching, turning, follow the leader, counting, plies (bend knees), marching, sautes (jumps), chasse (gallops), use of props, walking & running on the balls of feet, stories, games, poems & songs

Creative Movement

Designed for: new students age 5 & qualified returning students
Class length: 45 minutes
Class description: This class is geared for age appropriate enjoyment while developing dance concepts. The Creative Movement program continues to build on program elements and skills from Dance Introduction. This class works to develop the students' understanding of rhythm, advance motor skills and coordination, and improve self-esteem and confidence. Longer activities and exercises are used to aid in building a longer attention span. Tap is introduced in January to enhance rhythmic development.
Examples of activities: fast & slow movements, high & low, walking/running on balls of feet, chasses (gallops), skips, balance on one leg, sautes (jumps) - in & out/2 feet & 1 foot, emotional expression, dance with props, animal character development, dance counts & musicality


Designed for: new students ages 5 & Up 
Class length: 45 minutes
Class description: Our Tumbling program develops full body coordination, strength, and flexibility. Students concentrate developing flexibility and core strength while learning basic acrobatic skills, including the basics of forward rolls, cartwheels, backbends and head and hand stands, while incorporating them with elementary dance skills. Tumbling makes an excellent addition to the dance program of students in Creative Movement (if 5 years old),  Pre-Ballet, and Tap/Jazz. The goals of this class are to develop full body coordination, balance and flexibility with age appropriate activities.
Example of skills Introduced: forward rolls (somersaults), introduction to cartwheels, backbends, hand-stand preparation, crab walks, elephant walks, skips, jumps - 2 feet & 1 foot, gallops, wheelbarrows, tri-pods, basketballs & candlesticks.

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