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The Company

BDT Company is a group of dancers with Level I through V distinction selected through an audition process. The Company represent the wide range of abilities and showcases the versatility of dancers at BDT. Company members reflect the dedication that goes into being a BDT dancer. Company members serve as role models for our other dancers through their hard work and dedication to dance. The presence of our Company gives students the opportunity to continually improve their technical and artistic skills and to master more difficult and more beautiful dance routines.

Members of BDT Company are expected to:

  • Maintain a good work ethic and a serious commitment to dance.

  • Have positive attitudes and work together to foster a collegial dance environment.

  • Be cooperative with and show respect for all BDT dance faculty offering instruction.

  • Be respectful to other students.

BDT Company members are also expected to:

  • Perform in all four shows as part of our annual production.

  • Attend all additional scheduled rehearsals.

  • Participate in other activities and events as determined by staff.

Image by Stephen Faucher Photography
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