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Class Cancellations

Cancellation notices due to weather will be posted at least 2 hours prior to the start of the affected classes and the information about them will be available through:

  • emails to families who have children in the affected classes

  • social media:

  • direct text message service (This service is also used to send out other class and school wide messages. Please note you need to sign up for this service! 

  • text @bdt to the phone number (413)566-7374 

  • this website 
    (Look for NEWS in the right lower corner of the home page.)


Q: Does BDT cancel classes when local school districts are closed?
Not necessarily. Often the weather is different in the evening than it is early in the morning. We will cancel based on the road conditions for our class times. As always, please use your own discretion when traveling to class.

Q: What if a class is cancelled due to teacher illness or other factors?
We will attempt to notify families in a timely manner regarding any cancellations. Please consider signing up for our text message alerts by texting @bdt to the phone number (413) 566-7374. This service is free and will be the fastest way to receive updates.

Q: How are cancelled classes made up?
Please visit our make-up class policy page.

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